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Welcome to the online home of the Kings Langley Players! This is the 88th year we have been presenting live entertainment in this corner of Hertfordshire - and beyond!

We're over halfway trough the Season now, with 3 great productions behind us ("Hay Fever", "Beauty And The Beast" and "Habeas Corpus" - all well received by our audiences) In May there’s a change of gear: "Breaking the Code" is Hugh Whitemore’s dramatic account of the real life story of Alan Turing whose top secret code breaking work during WWII made a crucial contribution to the Allied victory. He was an awkward genius, cruelly sidelined after the war because of his candour in admitting his homosexuality. Finally, back by popular demand, in June there’s a nostalgic evening of entertainment, with refreshments: "Let’s all go to the Music Hall!"

In my first year as Chairman, I'm very proud to be leading the KLP in such a great season and I look forward to seeing you at the shows!
Five of the best
from the KLP!
KLP Chairman
Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight
Chairman, Kings Langley Players